SME’s and Amazon Initiatives in a Global Pandemic

Small Business SME Amazon Intitiative

By Bob Brewer, Braumiller Law Group

What are SME’s? They are small and medium-sized enterprises that make-up the backbone of world trade and growth. A World Bank Group study suggests that there are between 365-445 million MSMEs in emerging markets.


China… Vietnam…What’s Next?

China Vietnam USTR Investigation

By Jennifer Horvath, Partner, BLG 

Many people are aware of the Section 301 investigation into the unfair trade practices of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). However, a similar investigation has recently been initiated by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) into actions by Vietnam.


Export 2020 – A Year of Change

export 2020

By Christos Linardakis, Of Counsel, Braumiller Law Group

In the chaos of a pandemic, “the show must go on”, and indeed, the regulators in Washington D.C. did just that—in the form of far reaching and noteworthy changes in re-export restrictions to China and companies like Huawei.