james holbein USMCA roster

BLG is proud to announce that James Holbein, Counsel to the firm, has been appointed to the roster of panelists available to serve on USMCA Chapter 10 panels

Mr. Holbein has a wealth of experience in this area. He established and managed the U.S.-Canada FTA Binational Secretariat on January 1, 1989. He managed the panel process for five member panels of experts to review Antidumping and Countervailing Duty (AD/CVD) determinations made by the national authorities of each country, in lieu of judicial review by national courts.

Mr. Holbein led the Secretariat when Mexico joined in 1994 and advised the Mexican government when it set up the NAFTA Secretariat office in Mexico City and established the panel review process under Chapter 19 of NAFTA in its national law.

After Mr. Holbein went to the private sector in 1999, he was placed on the NAFTA roster of panelists and served on five panels in Mexico and the U.S. over several years. He withdrew from the roster when he joined the U.S. International Trade Commission where he served as Secretary to the Commission, and Director of the Office of Tariff Affairs and Trade Agreements, among other positions.

Jim Holbein has decades of experience in trade negotiating, trade policy development, tariff nomenclature and administration, customs enforcement, international trade dispute settlement, and import compliance. He has an extensive amount of experience working with trading firms in the private sector and has participated actively with both importing and exporting firms.

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