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Complemento-carta-porte-in-mexico cfdi

Complemento Carta Porte in Mexico

By: Brenda Cordova, Braumiller Law Group México Counsel

Generally, Mexican taxpayers are required to issue a CFDI for their acts, duties, income, or tax retentions. The so called CFDI is an acronym for Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet , and some refer to it as the electronic invoice.

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Mexico Agreement on Trade Facilitation

The Mexico Agreement on Trade Facilitation

By: Brenda Cordova, Braumiller Law Group Mexico Counsel

On April 6, 2017, Mexico published in the Mexican Official Gazette an enactment decree to amend the Marrakech Agreement that created the World Trade Organization (WTO). This amendment consisted of the incorporation of the Agreement on Trade Facilitation (ATF) set out in Annex 1A to the WTO …

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4T – Recent changes to the Mexican Customs Regulations

By: Brenda Cordova, Mexico Legal Counsel, Braumiller Law Group Have you heard about the Mexican “Fourth Transformation (4T)”?  Well, this is how Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) wants his term in office to be known as.  He says, throughout the course of the history, Mexico has gone through 3 important episodes: 1. Independence,

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Navigating IMMEX/maquiladoras in Mexico

by Brenda Cordova, BLG Mexico Attorney In November of 2006, the Mexican government abolished the Maquiladora and PITEX Programs and created the IMMEX Program.  IMMEX stands for Industrial Manufacturera Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportacion (literarily translated into English as Manufacturing Maquiladora and Export Services Industry). Generally, an IMMEX is a business entity authorized by

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Section 301 – Increased U.S. Import Duties to Chinese Products: How Will This Impact NAFTA Article 303 and IMMEX Operations?

By BLG Mexico Attorneys Brenda Cordova and Francisco de la Cruz In Mexico, the manufacturing industry, formerly known as PITEX or maquila, and currently known as IMMEX (Manufacturing and Export Services Industry), has had considerable growth due to NAFTA.  This was mainly because of the low labor cost, the import duty reduction, and the preferential

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Mexico Customs, A Quick Update

By Brenda Cordova, Braumiller Law Group, Mexico Attorney Mexican customs and trade regulations are constantly updated.  Sometimes over 8 times a year.The most recent amendment was published on December 22, 2017. The government is now releasing “resoluciones anticipadas” (similar to informed compliance publications) on their website.  These publications will then become law when published on

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Mexico Going Digital

On March 27, 2017, the Mexican Minister of Economy published in the Official Gazette a decree regarding the establishment of a Legal Affairs System for Foreign Investment procedures (Sistema de Asuntos Jurídicos para la Inversión Extranjera) aimed to improve and facilitate the communication between the government and private entities. The purpose of this system is

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Carrier and NAFTA

By: Brenda Cordova, Mexico Attorney During the presidential campaign, U.S. President elect Donald Trump repeatedly announced his low regard for a few select trade agreements, and specifically stated that he was going to renegotiate NAFTA, and if he did not get the deal he wanted, he’d withdraw from the treaty and start all over in

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Incentives and Benefits for IMMEX or Maquiladoras

By: Brenda Cordova, Mexico Attorney Introduction IMMEX stands for Maquiladora, Manufacturing and Export Services Industry.  This is a program created by the Mexican government to attract and promote foreign investment. Generally, an IMMEX, or maquiladora, can temporarily import into Mexico goods that undergo a manufacturing, transforming, and/or repairing of the industrial process for subsequent export. 

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IMMEX/Maquiladoras and NAFTA Article 303

By: Brenda Cordova, Mexico Attorney Introduction Currently, there are over 6000 entities participating in the IMMEX program operating in Mexico. IMMEX (Industria Manufacturera, Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportacion, formerly known as maquiladoras and/or PITEX) plays an important role in the Mexican economy, and therefore, the government promotes this program to foreign investors which provides several

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Exporting from Mexico

Recent news in Mexico has once again exposed situations where Mexican politicians have been involved in acts of corruption and mismanagement.

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NAFTA Article 303 & IMMEX, a Mexican Perspective

By Brenda Cordova, Mexico Attorney In Mexico, the Administración Central de Auditoría de Operaciones de Comercio Exterior from the Servicio de Administración Tributaria is starting to audit and enforce the application of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) article 303 against those companies participatimg in Industria Manufacturera, Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportacion (IMMEX). IMMEX

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