Author: Brenda Cordova


IMMEX – More of What You Need to Know

By: Brenda Cordova, Mexico Counsel, Braumiller Law Group and Francisco de la Cruz, Mexico Attorney

IMMEX is an acronym that in Spanish stands for Industria Manufacturera, Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportacion (Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Export Services Industry). It is a program from the Mexican federal government focused on promoting foreign investment, exports, creation of jobs, development of technology, etc.

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Mexican Customs Broker

How to Choose the Right Mexican Customs Broker?

By: Brenda Cordova, Mexico Counsel, Braumiller Law Group

Are you importing into Mexico and your customs operation requires the services of a Mexican Customs broker? If the answer is yes, then this information is important for you because errors or violations on your operation, even if committed by the broker or its personnel, might hold you as the responsible party before the eyes of the authority.

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Complemento-carta-porte-in-mexico cfdi

Complemento Carta Porte in Mexico

By: Brenda Cordova, Braumiller Law Group México Counsel

Generally, Mexican taxpayers are required to issue a CFDI for their acts, duties, income, or tax retentions. The so called CFDI is an acronym for Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet , and some refer to it as the electronic invoice.

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Mexico Agreement on Trade Facilitation

The Mexico Agreement on Trade Facilitation

By: Brenda Cordova, Braumiller Law Group Mexico Counsel

On April 6, 2017, Mexico published in the Mexican Official Gazette an enactment decree to amend the Marrakech Agreement that created the World Trade Organization (WTO). This amendment consisted of the incorporation of the Agreement on Trade Facilitation (ATF) set out in Annex 1A to the WTO …

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Mexico Customs, A Quick Update

By Brenda Cordova, Braumiller Law Group, Mexico Attorney Mexican customs and trade regulations are constantly updated.  Sometimes over 8 times a year.The most recent amendment

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Mexico Going Digital

On March 27, 2017, the Mexican Minister of Economy published in the Official Gazette a decree regarding the establishment of a Legal Affairs System for

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Carrier and NAFTA

By: Brenda Cordova, Mexico Attorney During the presidential campaign, U.S. President elect Donald Trump repeatedly announced his low regard for a few select trade agreements,

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Exporting from Mexico

Recent news in Mexico has once again exposed situations where Mexican politicians have been involved in acts of corruption and mismanagement.

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