forced labor

Forced Labor in Xinjiang: What you need to know

By: Adrienne Braumiller, Founder & Partner, Braumiller Law Group

Human rights violations run rampant within China’s Uyghur Autonomous Region (Xinjiang), targeting ethnic and religious minority groups such as Uyghurs, ethnic Kazakhs, and ethnic Kyrgyz. The PRC government in Xinjiang has unjustly imprisoned more than one million individuals from these minority groups since 2017.

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origin rules

Non-Preferential Origin Rules – Which Do You Prefer?

By: By Adrienne Braumiller, Partner & Founder, Braumiller Law Group

There are two basic sets of country of origin rules that may apply to imports: (1) The preferential origin rules for articles considered “originating” under a free trade agreement; and (2) the non-preferential rules for articles not qualifying under a free trade agreement. 

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trade war china

The U.S. Strike Force on Unfair Trade A Global Perspective, But It’s Really Just About China

By: By Bob Brewer, Braumiller Law Group

In the ongoing tit-for-tat trade war with China and the U.S., new developments are actually old policies, but seem to be resurfacing as the escalation in loss of patience continues to bring about more protectionism. It’s a global implementation, but the United States will target China with a new “strike force” to combat unfair trade practices.

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digital trade finance

Developing Digital Approaches to Trade Finance

By: James R. Holbein, Counsel to Braumiller Law Group PLLC

The digital revolution affecting so much change across the world is coming to international trade processing and logistics.  The transition to all digital documentation and processing from formerly inefficient analog systems is well underway.

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By Joaquin-Pampin-Galan and Brenda Cordova

Five years ago, the United Kingdom (“UK”) decided in a referendum to leave the European Union (“EU”). Negotiations began for the UK to leave the bloc in an environment surrendered by uncertainty for some and optimism for others.

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itar export exemptions

The ITAR Australia and UK Exemptions – Better Read the Regulations Carefully

By: Bruce Leeds, Senior Counsel to Braumiller Law Group and George Alfonso, Of Counsel to Braumiller Law Group and President of Reigncore Lobbying

On behalf of our example, we’d like to introduce you to “Joe Compliance.” Imagine Joe Compliance is going through the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and notices license exemptions for Australia and the UK in Part 126.16 126.17.

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Latest Update on Section 301 Litigation

By: Adrienne Braumiller, Founding Partner, Braumiller Law Group On June 1, 2021, the U.S. Government, in the ongoing Court of International Trade (“CIT”) litigation over List 3 and List 4A Section 301 tariffs on certain imports of Chinese products, filed a Motion to Dismiss for the “failure to state a claim” and, alternatively a Motion to Grant Judgment on the agency record. The Department of Justice (“DOJ”) filed its dispositive motion to strengthen its opposition to issue refunds on List 3 and List 4A duties paid by thousands of importers. Broadly, the DOJ’s asserts that the actions that plaintiffs challenge

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A Beginners Guide to Exporting – Resources for Growth

By: Paul Fudacz, Partner, Braumiller Law Group It is well known going back to the founding of our country that exporting is the most beneficial form of commerce.  One may note that there are tariffs on imports, but no tariffs on exports – our government doesn’t want to hinder a good thing. As a trade compliance attorney, the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word “export” is controls, i.e., what products are restricted for export from the U.S., or what countries are we not supposed to do business with.  While export control compliance is extremely important,

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The Case for Global Trade Compliance

By: Mike Smiszek, Senior Trade Advisor, Braumiller Consulting Group Holistic is a word rarely associated with the highly regulated world of global trade compliance, but it’s an apt word to describe a successful compliance program.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, holistic means “characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected”.  In the grand scheme of corporate governance, a successful trade compliance program will look holistically at all aspects of trade compliance as interconnected parts of a larger machine.  A smart trade compliance professional (TCP) like you understands that compliance doesn’t just magically happen—you understand that every

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Digital Blockchain Services Bolster Supply Chains

By: James R. Holbein, Of Counsel, Braumiller Law Group Introduction:  Blockchain is a transformative new technology, like artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) innovations.  In the popular press there is a lot of turmoil concerning cryptocurrency, a type of blockchain-enabled investment. The volatility of cryptocurrency is well known. You can make a killing, you can lose your shirt, regulators fear it; the risk is real when investors speculate with cryptocurrency. I believe that the concerns surrounding speculation with cryptocurrency hinder the broader conversation about the base technology, blockchain. Blockchain technology has the potential

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A Primer on U.S. Sanctions and Export Controls – Part II

By: Devin Sefton, Senior Associate Attorney, Braumiller Law Group The ever-shifting sands of U.S. sanctions and export controls can make it challenging to know the current restrictions that exist with respect to a given country.  With each new administration comes newly imposed restrictions and newly lifted restrictions.  This problem was particularly exacerbated by the 180-degree pivot taken between the Obama and Trump Administrations.  Meanwhile, the Biden Administration has stayed the course on some Trump Administration policy measures, while changing direction on others.   This article aims to provide a simple overview of the current state- of- affairs with respect to some

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The Quad and International Trade? The U.S., Australia, Japan and India

By: Bob Brewer, Braumiller Law Group When the “Big Bully” is also your best friend, economically speaking, and metaphorically speaking, they are paying for your lunch, but at the same time are slapping you around on the playground…do you hit back, or just take it on the chin? You need your lunch, as you have to eat. You and your three other playground friends, call yourselves The Quad, (The U.S., Australia, India and Japan) which sounds semi-menacing, (superhero capes included) but keep in mind, the rest of the kids on the playground are always watching to see how you deal

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