Author: Christos Linardakis

The Future Will Be Made in America

By Joaquin Pampin-Galan, Braumiller Law Group

Biden’s new “Buy American” plan will make it more difficult for federal agencies to contract with companies overseas to purchase foreign products by reducing loopholes and waivers in existing Buy American rules.

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export 2020

Export 2020 – A Year of Change

By Christos Linardakis, Of Counsel, Braumiller Law Group

In the chaos of a pandemic, “the show must go on”, and indeed, the regulators in Washington D.C. did just that—in the form of far reaching and noteworthy changes in re-export restrictions to China and companies like Huawei.

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Small Business Enterprises, Universities & Export Controls; Focusing on the practical and operational aspects in order to win contracts

By: Christos Linardakis, Of Counsel, Braumiller Law Group Last month, we presented a webinar on University Export Controls and received an overwhelming positive response on an area of compliance that is sometimes overlooked, especially when it comes to the collaboration between a school, the private sector, and the government. It seems our webinar was timely,

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NIST 800-171: Cybersecurity, CUI/CDI and ‘CMMC’, Part II: How to execute NIST within your business

By: Christos Linardakis, Of Counsel In Part I of our NIST 800-171 series, we discussed various aspects of complying with DFARS 252.2014-7012 (NIST 800-171 compliance), including certifying under systems like EXOSTAR, identifying gaps within your systems (IT, procedural and physical), capturing CUI/CDI data (if you were paying attention in class, you should know what these

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Airbus SE Export Settlement Agreement: What can be learned from their mistakes?

By: Christos Linardakis, Contributing Author I’m sure by now, you’ve read, or at least heard of, the Airbus SE multi-billion dollar settlement with U.S., French and UK authorities, for FCPA and Export violations—the largest penalty that I can recall in my 30+ years in international trade! Although, I’ve had extensive experience in anti-bribery and anti-corruption

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Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) – Putting the Focus on Prevention

By: Christos Linardakis, Of Counsel  How Did We Get to FSMA? Food is about trust, when people consume food, they assume they’re consuming something that nourishes, not damages. However, when safety and quality standards are not maintained in the supply chain, distribution of food can pose serious health risks to the consumers. Recent food outbreaks

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How to Expand Your Global Exports

By: Christos Linardakis, Senior Counsel  It’s been my experience over the past 30 years that regardless of what the U.S. economy may be doing, whether it’s a recession, or a period of growth, one area has rarely changed, and that is exports of U.S. products and services. I was fortunate enough to have had a

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Evolving Compliance with Evolving Russian Sanctions

By Christos Linardakis, Senior Counsel, and Contributing Editor Bob Brewer The current crisis with Russia over the occupation of Crimea and Russia’s military build-up near eastern Ukraine has prompted various national governments, including both the U.S. and E.U., to impose additional sanctions on Russia, creating new challenges, to say the least, for both U.S. companies

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