One of the many improvements from NAFTA in the newly-ratified United States Mexico Canada Agreement (“USMCA”), is the added ability of your business to directly engage in an ongoing dialogue with a permanently established USMCA committee, whose express purpose is to work with businesses in order to clarify terms of control of the USMCA as well as improve the implementation of this brand new tripartite trade agreement.

Reigncore, LLC [] is a Washington, D.C. and Dallas based lobbying and consulting firm, founded by Adrienne Braumiller, S. George Alfonso and Bob Brewer that works closely with Braumiller Law Group to provide your company with an effective voice in order to engage this newly created USMCA committee in an ongoing dialogue regarding your company’s specific trade issues and questions.

The time to find out how your company can become part of an ongoing dialogue with the designated USMCA committee to directly influence the implementation and modifications of the USMCA regarding the issues that concern your business the most is now.

Please contact S. George Alfonso at or (972) 752-8330 / (202) 349-1111, or email Bob Brewer at