Customs and Trade Attorney

Braumiller Law Group, PLLC is proud to be a leader in global trade law. If your company conducts international trade, it’s necessary to have knowledge regarding the laws within the various countries you may be exporting to, or importing from. Our team of Attorneys and trade Advisors can provide the assistance you may need.

Customs Attorney Services We Offer

We can assist your company in complying with the various laws regulating international trade law. We’ll guide you through having your goods processed by providing you with the necessary steps and documentation for each country’s reasonable care obligations. We’ll also make you aware of any embargoes or import restrictions on the goods you are importing or exporting. For example, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, requires various paperwork to be filed as part of its cargo enforcement strategy. We can assist you in complying by submitting the corresponding paperwork such as Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism(C-TPAT) applications, Importer Self-Assessment (ISA) Program applications, and cargo security assessments. Braumiller Law Group, PLLC, will also ensure that you remain in compliance with any laws, regulations, and requirements by keeping you up to date on recordkeeping requirements. We’ll also perform internal reviews, such as focused assessments and customs audits, and will not only investigate, but will correct, any compliance issues that may be in the discovered.  If any subsequent legal process is warranted, we’ll file the necessary documentation, such as a protest, or Prior Disclosure. We will also assist you in navigating any forfeiture and/or seizure negotiations or penalty petitions, providing legal representation for related compliance issues. To learn more about the services we offer, contact Braumiller Law Group, PLLC. We offer our expertise in international trade law, as well as a friendly working relationship. We’ll work hard on your behalf to keep your business in compliance with all of the regulations international trade brings. Email Bob Brewer,, or call us at (877) 277-5987 to get started today.