Braumiller Law Group is pleased to announce that Christos Linardakis, Attorney Senior Counsel , will be rejoining the firm heading up the Chicago office

I am excited about my future with Braumiller Law Group. I have now had the opportunity to work on the client side (corporate), as well as on the entrepreneurial side of international trade, and I much prefer working with an aggressive, and lean boutique firm such as Braumiller Law. Together again, I expect great things to come. After nearly 25 years in small, medium and large corporations, I will be able to put to practice for the benefit of clients the in-depth and practical experiences I have had in day-to-day operations and legal advice over that period, to bring real-life advice to clients in need. It is a pleasure to be associated and working with one of the best law firms in the country in this new endeavor.

About Christos:

Mr. Linardakis holds two advanced law degrees (LL.M.) in International Trade Law & International Corporate Law. He has served as Global Trade Compliance & International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Empowered Official (EO) as a trade regulatory attorney for electronics company, Molex (3.7BUSD), a subsidiary of Koch Industries

Career Highlights:

Christos served in global trade positions for Compaq Direct, subsidiary of Compaq Computers, a Fortune 25 company ($4.4BUSD) as well as for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company ($2BUSD). In those positions he established corporate compliance programs for the U.S., E.U. and Asian trade laws, including Manufacturing License Agreements (MLAs) and Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA) for offshore ITAR manufacturing, Foreign Military Sales, as well as instituting compliance operational manuals tailored to specific departmental requirements and Value-Stream Mapping (VSM) for all material and information flow concerning ITAR manufacturing outside the U.S. In addition, he’s held primary roles in all M&A activities including the merger of Compaq Computers with HP, and others. The highlight of his career was when he had the honor of working as co-counsel with former U.S. Ambassador Richard Williamson on a Sudanese Humanitarian case personally petitioning before the Department of State for deployment of humanitarian equipment and services to Sudan.


In addition, Mr. Linardakis has held various positions for small-to-medium Export Trading Companies, both for domestic and foreign subsidiaries, with annual sales of $8 million to $175 million. He has provided key legal and business advice to clients on international market penetration, foreign investments, Customs and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) audits, Export Administration Regulations (EAR), ITAR, Significant Military Equipment (SME), foreign military sales, and more. He assisted in researching and editing the International Trade Law, N.Y Practitioner’s Guide, (published by Matthew Bender, 1999). Mr. Linardakis is fluent in Greek and proficient in French, and has traveled extensively for international companies throughout the world.


Mr. Linardakis earned his J.D. and LL.M at John Marshall Law School in International Corporate Law and International Trade Law. He is an Adjunct Professor at John Marshall Law School LLM Program, Corporate International Trade Compliance.

He has studied abroad in Turkey and Greece via Lake Forest College, and worked in Greece establishing distributors for Kawasaki products. He double majored in International Business and Economics at Benedictine University and has a minor in English Literature from a local community college.  Currently, Mr. Linardakis is pursuing his Masters in Theology in Byzantine Iconology.

He currently is a Board member of The Education Center, a non-for-profit located in Naperville, IL, which helps young adolescents in life coaching skills. He is also Executive Director of the Dr. MJL Foundation, a non-profit that helps adolescents who are experiencing psychological and medical disabilities and challenges.


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