Braumiller Consulting Group Offers Total Turnkey Outsourcing

Sometimes the most efficient solution for our clients involves extending our partnership to provide them with one or more compliance specialists dedicated exclusively to their business, whether that means part-time or full-time, temporary or permanent, even working off-site, or at their office facilities. In a total “turn-key” relationship, we can provide:

  • Auditors (Customs, Export, FCPA)
  • Import/Export Classification Specialists
  • Internal Export Compliance Monitors
  • Other Legal or Industry-Specific Administrators

Braumiller Consulting Group provides diligence to understanding your company’s strategic issues and organizational culture. This allows us to hand-select the professionals best suited for your needs from our established network of industry experts. If you prefer, we can perform a comprehensive professional search to identify candidates with optimal qualifications for your specific industry. Either way, it’s a seamless process that gives you exceptional flexibility to compete more effectively. Add support quickly when you need it; remove it when you don’t. With our staffing services, you can maximize your opportunities in global trade while minimizing your risks and resources.

When you choose our staffing services, we handle the administrative details for you, including recruiting, hiring, contracts, payments, benefits and paperwork. That gives you the best of both worlds: trade compliance specialists who essentially become focused members of your own staff, plus full access to the knowledge and resources of Braumiller Consulting.

If you are an experienced specialist in international trade compliance and would like to be considered for our Professional Staffing Network, please submit your credentials to:


By: Staff Writer