Richard R. Modesette

Richard has significant investigative experience on complex export compliance matters and assists companies avoid administrative and criminal penalties. Most recently, he was the Resident Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of Export Enforcement, Office of Export Enforcement (OEE), Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC), Houston, Texas.

Career Highlights

During the four years in which he served as SAC, he managed both OEE Special Agents and investigations of administrative and criminal violations of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA). He successfully neutralized Chinese military diversion of exports of oil field and industrial equipment to the embargoed nations of Libya, Iran and Syria. He also wrote investigative reports, administrative warning letters, administrative case reports, criminal case reports, search warrant affidavits and among other government reports. He participated in and supervised the detention and seizure of outbound air and ocean cargo.


  • Former Special Agent and Senior Special Agent, OEE, BIS, USDOC, Dallas, Texas Field Office. Richard spent 14 years in the Dallas field office investigating hundreds of cases regarding administrative and criminal violations of the EAR, IEEPA and the Export Administration Act (EAA). This effort included:Administrative investigations of Halliburton Logging Services and Halliburton Geophysical Services resulting in administrative fines of $2.6 million dollars.Twelve congressional investigations requested by U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos of California regarding possible illegal shipments to Iran.
  • Destroyed a Galveston, Texas diversion ring sending controlled computers to Chinese nuclear end-users, executing a search warrant of the suspect’s home business, seizing his bank account, vehicle and the last computer destined for a Chinese nuclear facility via Hong Kong.
  • Investigated the largest case in the history of the Libyan embargo which concerned a Stafford, Texas company responsible for exporting nearly 30 million dollars of products to the Great Man Made River Project in Libya resulting in numerous administrative fines and denial of export privileges being assessed against the defendants and their company and the criminal convictions of the defendants.
  • Considered an expert in advanced investigative techniques has taught other OEE special agents, ICE and FBI special agents.
  • Presented on advanced investigative techniques to personnel of the Directorate of Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency.
  • Taught officials of the Government of Albania regarding export compliance issues pursuant to a Department of State contract obtained by Raytheon and executed by Potomac River Group LLC., Leesburg, Virginia.
  • Former Special Agent, OEE, BXA (Bureau of Export Administration, predecessor of BIS), USDOC, San Jose, California for two years where Richard worked several high-profile cases.


Richard has received numerous award and honors over the years including, the Bronze Medal for Investigative Excellence, U.S. Department of Commerce; Silver Medal for Investigative Excellence, U.S. Department of Commerce; Gold Medal for Investigative Excellence, U.S. Department of Commerce; and Award for Investigative Excellence, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Washington, D.C.

Richard currently has a Top Secret-SCI national security clearance. He has a BA from the University of Texas, Austin.

Mr. Modesette is not licensed to practice law.