Bob Brewer VP Marketing

Bob Brewer, Marketing VP

Bob brings over 30 years of advertising and marketing experience to Braumiller Law Group, as well as Braumiller Consulting. He is responsible for all of the various marketing materials distributed to our client base on a regular basis, (as well as potential new clients). He is also a Minority Partner with the lobbying firm Reigncore:

Career Highlights

Bob has worked with Braumiller Law Group, and Braumiller Consulting Group since 2002.

He is primarily focused on new business development, but through his marketing efforts over the years has built a solid reputation for both firms in the practice area of international trade.

Some history: After graduating from college, Bob began his marketing career with U.S. Steel, Oilwell Division in Dallas, and after (5) years, left and started his own advertising business called R.D. Brewer & Associates. Bob was recruited by Verizon as one of the first National Sales Reps for their online directory, He was then recruited by Sabre Corporation as Director of Sales for, the sister site to After 3 years with Sabre, Bob joined Braumiller Law Group in 2002 and began assisting the firm with his marketing talents.


Bob graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.A. in Journalism Advertising and minors in both English and Art.

Bob is also a regular contributor to the Braumiller Law Group newsletter.  You can access his author page by clicking here.