1m Nat Coffee-Poly 1LB w/Tin

Posted on June 23, 2017

In a previous newsletter, I mentioned the importance of accurately describing the commodities on your export documents when filing AES. I was reviewing a client’s AES records when I came across this description: “1m Nat Coffee-Poly 1LB w/Tin”.

I went huh? I could imagine what a Customs Officer would say, “Looks like, let me guess, it’s another pound of specialty coffee, but the schedule B is not for coffee. Let’s open up the boxes and see what is in there.” When I first saw the description, all I saw was a delayed shipment and a frustrated customer.

When I asked my client where did he get the description, he said “right off the invoice.” I called the company who manufactured the product and asked them what is a “1m Nat Coffee-Poly 1LB w/Tin.” And they asked for the product code number, the rep said that is how they track their products.

I know that sometimes it’s hard to get accurate information, but who is responsible for providing accurate export information? The answer is, all parties involved in the transaction. If the USPPI gives the Freight Forwarder vague information, the Freight Forwarder is responsible for telling the USPPI that they need better information. If the USPPI is working directly with the manufacturer and the manufacturer uses coded descriptions in their invoices, then the USPPI should take the coded information and turn it into something workable.

So, I need your help in making sure my client’s shipments are not delayed. Does anyone know what a “1m Nat Coffee-Poly 1LB w/Tin” is?


By: Joe Cortez, Senior Trade Advisor, Braumiller Consulting


Joe Cortez is the former International Trade Ombudsman and Chief of the Regulations, Outreach, and Education Branch with the United States Census Bureau’s International Trade Management Division. He can be reached at Joe@BraumillerConsulting.com