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Schlumberger Subsidiary Pays $232.7 Million for “Facilitation”
Just last month, Schlumberger Ltd. (Schlumberger), subsidiary Schlumberger Oil Field Holdings Ltd. (SOHL), agreed to pay over $232.7 million in penalties to the United States for violations of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA). Of this amount, $155,138,904, represented a criminal fine. ...Click here to read more
Anti-Corruption Compliance & Your Supply Chain
A key part of any multinational company’s compliance program includes complying with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and other foreign anti-bribery statutes. Not only should companies make sure they are maintaining compliance on a general level, they should also be aware of the unique FCPA-related issues presented by supply chains, and how to address them. ...Click here to read more
Internal Controls for Export Compliance - Let's Borrow from Customs & COSO
A number of years ago I attended a 2-day workshop conducted by U.S. Customs. The agency was discontinuing the Compliance Assessment Team approach to conducting audits, and was going to a new method based on what they termed the COSO model. ...Click here to read more
Understanding the Use of Self-Produced / Intermediate Materials in the NAFTA Qualification Process
Under the NAFTA Rules of Origin, General Note (GN) 12 of the HTSUS, when non-originating materials are used to produce a final product in a NAFTA country, in order for that final product (also referred to as the “Good”) to qualify for NAFTA preferential treatment, the non-originating materials must undergo either a change in tariff classification; an applicable change in tariff classification plus a regional value-content requirement; or the final product must meet a regional value-content requirement. ...Click here to read more
Fokker and Schlumberger: The Value of Voluntary Self-Disclosure
U.S. government agencies rely heavily on companies worldwide to voluntarily self-disclose export violations. The sheer volume of international transactions makes involuntary enforcement unmanageable. Two export violation cases in 2015 highlight the value and risks of Voluntary Self-Disclosure (VSD). ...Click here to read more
Cuba and the Potential New World
It’s been six decades of diplomatic separation between Cuba and the U.S., and Barack Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro nevertheless found a way to sit down together recently in Panama and make a public display of their talks at a regional summit, moving one step closer to restoring diplomatic ties. ...Click here to read more
Joe Cortez joins Braumiller Consulting as Senior Trade Advisor!
Author: Staff Writer
Joe brings over 35 years of Federal Service experience to Braumiller Consulting Group, LLP. He is the former U.S. Census Bureau’s International Trade Ombudsman and Chief for the Regulations, Outreach, and Education Branch with the United States Census Bureau’s International Trade Management Division. ...Click here to read more
Braumiller Consulting Group Offers Total Turnkey Outsourcing
Author: Staff Writer
Sometimes the most efficient solution for our clients involves extending our partnership to provide them with one or more compliance specialists dedicated exclusively to their business, whether that means part-time or full-time, temporary or permanent, even working off-site, or at their office facilities. ...Click here to read more

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Important Dates
Brenda Cordova will be speaking on "Maquiladoras: What's next on the A, AA, and AAA certification?"
May 21, 2015
Beginning January 1st, 2015, only IMMEX and other bonded warehouses having the “A”, “AA” or “AAA” certification can save the Value Added Tax and Tax for Specific Services and Products payment.

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Devin Sefton will be speaking on "Cuban Sanctions" What's on the Horizon?"
June 9, 2015
This Webinar will discuss the recent changes in the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (CACR), including what is now permitted, what remains prohibited, and what remains uncertain. This webinar will also address the potential impact of the recent changes on business relations between the U.S. and Cuba and the practical challenges confronting businesses seeking to enter the Cuban market.

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Attorney Jennifer Horvath will cover, "Computed value and why they are used in maquila import transactions"
July 7, 2015
There are special considerations when ascertaining the proper value to declare to Customs for imports from maquilas. Most types of maquila transactions should not be appraised under transaction value, which is the value method commonly thought to apply to most imports including those from maquilas.

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